Unique Things To Do In Peru

If you go to Peru to watch  the football, there is more to the country than just that, especially if you are you a lover of adventure that cannot wait to get to the next location and see the wonders that new places in the world possess. If so, you must visit Peru. The South American country is one of the best spots that any adventurer should visit because of the numerous places to visit and things to do.

Here are the most unique things to do in Peru:

1. Visit Machu Picchu


Machu Pichu Peru

Everybody that has been to this location will tell you that it is worth it. You get the chance to see the famous Incan city that is built on the side of a mountain. It has numerous Llamas, and you can also interact with the locals as you hear about famous Incan legends. It is a location to visit if you love history and the mysteries that often come with such century-old locations. If you love hikes, various trails can take you to the ruins. The Inca Trail is a favorite of many hikers.

2. See The Condors Of Colca

In the far south of Peru, where the Amazon gets its source, you can see the deepest canyons. The Colca has many condors that are best visible in the morning when they come to enjoy the sun. The view is majestic and magical, a memory that any adventurer will have with them for a very long time.

3. Camping In Peru

Machu Pichu Peru Hiking

If you love camping, then Peru is a location that will excite you because of the various camping spots available. One of these is the Machu Picchu Camping Grounds. You can camp at the side of the mountain and enjoy the lovely sunrise in the morning. The Llamas are a sight to behold and they are not easy to miss as they are scattered all over the mountain.

You can carry your gear or you can rent at the campsite. It is advisable to do some research on the camping grounds available to know if renting gear is more suitable.  But ideally, you should be able to bring your own essential items that would be easy to carry like a camping mattress or a map and compass.

4. Hike The Rainbow Mountain

Peru Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain is over 14,000ft high. The hike to and from the mountain is guaranteed to be one that you will never forget. The scenery of green and red rock is a beautiful sight. The rainbow-colored mountain is the sight that waits for you when you reach the top. Reaching this point is an achievement that any person who is thrilled by adventure will truly appreciate. There are also various villages located around various points during the hike. You can mingle with the locals and try some of the Peruvian cuisines.

5. Go Dune Hiking In The Desert

The Sechura Desert is one of the best places to go if you want to experience the most beautiful sunsets. You can also go dune hiking in the incredible dunes. There are villages in the area where you can participate in some local activities if you wish.

One other amazing place to visit in Peru is Cusco. Most adventurers advise visiting Machu Picchu before Cusco and camp around Machu Picchu before heading to Cusco.

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